Our Advantage

Allow us to introduce ourselves. Academy Mortgage Corp, a Utah based mortgage lender, was established in 1988.  Academy has several distinguishing qualities that have given us a reputation for excellence. This corporate biography and this website are designed to help you understand why that is so.

Our Price /Our Products

As direct correspondents to more than 100 national mortgage loan investor sources, Academy has access to just about any residential loan program available in the marketplace. We price your loan request with the nation’s most competitive mortgage sources, to obtain competitive pricing for your particular loan.

Academy Mortgage offers a complete selection of products including jumbo, conforming fixed rate, adjustable rate mortgages and many other innovative mortgage solutions.

Our Performance

When you apply for your mortgage loan through Academy, you can count on a pleasant experience, because we are committed to the following performance standards:

    Total accessibility to a mortgage loan expert who can answer your questions
    Complete control of the transaction from start to finish (In-house underwriting means we are the decision makers.)
    Timely funding of your loan (we disburse our own funds, so there are no delays.)

Our People

It's no coincidence our employees are polite, gracious and courteous. That's our practice and our history. Our people are qualified, self-motivated and incentive-bonused. The 15-year average industry tenure per employee is an impressive statistic considering there really is no substitute for experience in such a technical field.


Academy Mortgage Corporation represents quality and financial strength. We offer an old-fashioned kind of service from capable, caring individuals. Our goal is to be worthy of your confidence and deserving of the referral of family and friends. Contact us today, and turn your mortgage concerns over to us. Our next compliment may just be yours.